Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday evening downtime

So when Sunday rolls around, thats usually when I get a whole 5 minutes to check email, facebook, etc. This is only because its a shortened day for me, the mall closes at 6 pm. Yay! I like my job, but would rather be farming....

So, where are we at farmwise? (for those who cant possibly wait a second longer) We are trying to secure land, several acres, with a house preferrably for us and the farmers daughters, as well as get a greenhouse setup and begin planting, no prob right?! Farming is a tough biz to get into unless its in your family/blood. Banks dont look kindly on land purchases, they are essentially worthless, so with a house its better, though more expensive. Once upon a time, The Farmer worked in the oil field and we had a house and all that good stuff. Rough times hit and we had to rearrange our priorities and the house had to go, so now we rent. It isnt a real original story, you hear it a lot, sign of the times.

Disabled Veteran with family, looking for land to start up a family farm with greenhouses, growing organic hydroponic tomatoes, veggies and beef, doesnt exactly look like a great investment on paper.... Which is unfortunate. The Farmer is an insanely useful handyman. He rigs up all kinds of things that are wildly useful and entertaining. He is mechanical and technical and all those things that I am not. I know my way around a fabulous pair of shoes, that is my forte, ha. And diamonds, because of my job, I know diamonds pretty well too.

What we need, a crazy investor who wants to see our family happily growing healthy veggies and cows. Anyone got one of those laying around? anyone? Bueller, beuller? Or, how about a farmer who wants to pass his farm along to someone who will continue farming it? A greenhouse company who would like someone to test a new prototype? Someone who loves Vets, and Famers? Our list is long, we arent super picky as we like most people....

Well as we truck along our hard road, we wish you all luck on yours!

Word to your mothers.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Finding a farm

Welcome to our blog. Currently we are searching for our little slice of farming heaven. The farmer works in a greenhouse growing cucumbers and tomatoes. This year we hope to be able to get our own greenhouse and be growing our own tomatoes! Its been almost 5 years in the making, we are hoping for that little break to come our way. The Farmers Wife (me) works retail right now, not a dream job, but helps pay the bills. Its not a bad gig, I play with sparkly things and chat with mostly nice people, with the occasional irrational one sprinkled in. I would love to be back to being a SAHM and making cupcakes with my girls and raising them myself, but until then, retail has to do. Our 3 little farm workers are 6, 4 and 1. They are the light of our lives and are fantastic.
We hope that throughout this blog that we can make progress and be able to share our farming experience!