Sunday, February 19, 2012

Finding a farm

Welcome to our blog. Currently we are searching for our little slice of farming heaven. The farmer works in a greenhouse growing cucumbers and tomatoes. This year we hope to be able to get our own greenhouse and be growing our own tomatoes! Its been almost 5 years in the making, we are hoping for that little break to come our way. The Farmers Wife (me) works retail right now, not a dream job, but helps pay the bills. Its not a bad gig, I play with sparkly things and chat with mostly nice people, with the occasional irrational one sprinkled in. I would love to be back to being a SAHM and making cupcakes with my girls and raising them myself, but until then, retail has to do. Our 3 little farm workers are 6, 4 and 1. They are the light of our lives and are fantastic.
We hope that throughout this blog that we can make progress and be able to share our farming experience!

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